Still – still – coughing like a mad-man. She sure got to me, the little one and her flu, she got over it in 5 days but I’m still stuck with it and it doesn’t really relent. So tomorrow I’ll see the doc – or at least try and get hold of one to see, they’re very difficult to get in touch with – and get an opinion and a listen to, as I’m myself pretty certain it’s another bout of pneumonia. Will make it three in two years, that’s really far too many and I need to interrogate this doc as to what he or she thinks of that. I’m only 35, for Pete’s sake, I don’t wanna die at 37 from an ole’ folks-dicease! ~~~ Claus came down from Aalborg to Copenhagen, so went to greet him there, having been promised dinner at his expense. Good company but was a bit sorry to be coughing in my sleeve half the time, hope I haven’t done him any ‘favors’. Agreed on a price-level for our Vegas-trip, so will be online and booking it as soon as this pneumonia-shit-fuckup is over. Good to see him again, very good indeed. ~~~ The carpenter came and installed the french doors to the adjacent livingroom, which is thus converted into a room of its own, for which ever use we find fit. Bedroom, for the time being, but who knows what we’ll think of in a few years’ time (if I can somehow survive pneumonica that long, dammit). At least with a door there, and the blinds I’ll put up tomorrow, we’ll have a choice. And V will have her privacy in nursing the baby, a privacy she holds dear now with Thor in the house. The idea of him sneaking a peak at her bared, baby-feeding breast I suppose doesn’t suit her fancy. Speaking of baby, tomorrow we’ll be at an informational gathering at the Roskilde Hospital, where already next week the next, new one will pop out. Time nears really soon, I’m so fine with it that it’s almost scary to me. Then I suppose having let go of work, and having stopped promoting the Scanning-company, grants me so much time I’m not in any way intimidated by the thought of a new kid on the block. Isn’t it odd, how one pre-occupation surrenders to another. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday, am hoping for a quiet day.