To bed early, around half past ten. In preparation of tomorrow’s big day, the planned caesarean section thus birth of our next kid. The last, but certainly not the least. Still feel very much at ease about the entire scenario, particularly the ‘planned’ aspect. Will definitely not be like the last, frantic time. A good start. A quiet, easy beginning. My only concern is a very minor one, in that the pneumonia, for which I was perscribed penecillin, is with me still – although I can feel it creeping further and further up the throat, and away from the lungs. Much to my own disatisfaction I put on one of V’s mother’s singlets that she purchased for yours truly, in the hope that tomorrow morning it’ll be gone for good, annoying thing. ~~~ Nothing much to say, really. Another kid into the family. Will there be room for him, or her, I believe so. K must learn to act differently, be more at easy with herself. The upcoming school will take care of most of that, do much hope she’ll get a good start. Then there’s the question of finances, can’t make any determinations on that subject yet. We’re certainly not running our lives luxury style, not like any oher – two-income – family. Bothers me slightly. I can’t say I hold many answers at this point of my life, but on the other hand I don’t have many questions I require answers to. I feel settled in, I guess. Thankfully I’m not bored, as there are no monotonous routines. For that I chose too exciting a profession and too passionate a wife. I can, though, oversee the next five years of said life, and they’re much the same to me. Will be a bit of family-blues playing a trick on me, as I’m about to be a dad again. Of course I won’t know what’s gonna happen. It’s a bit of a testiment to my current situation, though, that I should be able to ponder those things right here, now, as opposed to focus exclusively on tomorrow’s events. Like I said, feeling much at ease. Will hope I still feel that way beyond the tomorrow mentioned. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.