Not too much sleep this last night, as ’twere the first day back from the hospital with the little one. Was very impressed in how much he kept asleep, only waking up every three hours to feed. Which is not to say, unfortunately, that I could soon get used to having my sleep disrupted in this fashion. I remain 36 years old, after all. So here’s to having him – in about three months or so – sleep it through. K’s very excited by his presence, as much as she was unable to go back to sleep at 6 o’clock in the morning; she’ll be a bitch to get to bed come evening. She’s a bit of a nuisance, in as much as she’s very apt at constantly granting good advice where none is needed. She’s just curious, of course, but I hope it won’t last long. She can’t really appreciate the fact that babies need to rest, and their mothers, too; the selfishness bothers me a bit. Will have to keep her bored today, I think, so she’ll be truly ready for Kindergarten tomorrow. ~~~ Snow, snow, snow. But come Friday we’ll have, it appears, for the first time in a hellishly long time, a day with temperatures in the celcius positive both day and night. That’ll be a treat. This pneumonia is with me to stay, I can’t draw a long breath in and out without coughing, and it’s a damn dry cough at that, always ends in a feeling of having to vommit. This winther cannot end soon enough. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.