All’s well in the little home. The new kid on the block sleeps the days away. Such a different experience from last time… I recall being endlessly worried and lacking sleep, tons of it. Nowadays I get my share, and V too. All those anxieties are gone, well, most of them. He eats well, sleeps well, nothing to worry about here. That may all come, of course, but meanwhile I’ll play it the way it’s dealt. ~~~ Can’t believe it’s almost been three weeks since my holiday and now into my paternity leave. Time zoomes by. Hardly idle time, of course, so that’ll play into it. The snow is starting to melt away, and it’s been raining heavily, too. I long to see some green grass again, heck I’ll settle for brown or yellow or a moss covered lawn. ~~~ Some asshole made away with my licence-plates, both of’em. Probably for some fun-filled activity like stealing petrol or ramming a store-front or what have you. Will cost me some twelve-hundred crowns to get new ones, dammit. Just hope it’s not some kind of personal thing, and the same day I put the new ones on they’re gone again. ~~~ Did a meeting in Hoje Taastrup today, with a company somewhat interested in taking over the company. Well, they weren’t interested in the hardware, only parts of the software and I don’t think they’ll plan to pay me a lot for the customers, so it’s a 75-25 likelyhood it won’t happen. So be it; I could do the gigs myself and make it 100%, it’s a decent figure for sure. Let’s see how it plays, first step is them getting back to me. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Will take the kid to the movies at three o’clock, will be good to get out and into a theatre again. A Disney cartoon is always a sure hit, look forward to it. Am hoping for a quiet day.