Nothing much new to add. The little progresses well through his early stages; all the reflexes are there, and the goverment nurse okayed him with honors. And the breast-feeding goes well, too. He’s not one to let us loose that easily, and although much awake he’s not really into just laying there and taking his surroundings in; he likes to be with us, have us close, and that’s a bit of a strain. On the other hand V tells me that kids like this turn out to be smart kids, so for that much I’m hopeful. His sister was like this, too, couldn’t find her peace of mind, and she turned out smart enough as is. ~~~ Not much work done but house-keeping, and shopping, and doing domestic errands. I do envy Thor a little, he’s got all the time in the World it seems. Soon, though, I’ll need to take time out to focus on the firm, deadlines are nearing and there’s nothing can be done about’em. Will turn to aforementioned Thor to get some of them done, he’s eager to help and in need of a buck or two, or so he claims; perhaps it’s just an excuse to apply his assistance, he’s proving very helpful when he’s around. ~~~ Playing a lot of the Xbox Lego-games with the kid, it’s really a lot of hours which goes into that. Keeps the missus at her ease, as she doesn’t have to worry about our girl missing out on parental attention now there’s a younger one in the house. Secretly, though, I long for the weekend to be over, as regular week-days means she’ll attend Kindergarten, thus I’ll have more time on my hands to do what I must do. ~~~ So there you have it, days passing me by, one by one in thankfully a long line until June, where my leave ends. Tomorrow the annual Oscar’s’re going down, I probably won’t stay up until late to watch the telecast. On a brigther note, ’tis but a week until the Formula 1 season-opener, looking much forward to it. All about the small things, isn’t it. From the looks of it, I’ll need download the races again this year, as I can’t afford a channel which showcases the events and isn’t cutting to commercials every quarter hour. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.