With V at Funen with the kids (still have to get used to that plural-thing, sounds so odd to me) I’m in preparation for the upcoming jobs. She’s visiting with her granddad, who’s not doing too well. Hope the best for him. So I’m taking the train for the first time in a while. Packing my Iphone, I feel more online than ever before, it’s ridiculous. Good to get out and about, the bicycle trip to the station was certainly worth my while. In the days to come I’ll be much away, I’m afraid, but I’m not in a position to say no to these gigs. Whatever happened to the notion of getting more creative writing done, that went out the window, didn’t it. ~~~ Things with the little one is alright, he grows and grows. V’s friend Anja came over with her 3-months old, and they’re roughly the same size. I hope I won’t have a kid who stands a head taller than I. He’s not very brave about being laid down, he craves his countact. This will get easier, but no doubt V will face a difficult time when I’m away and she’s in charge of both kids. The visit from her friend stressed her out for sure. But then she was never one to leave a livingroom mess be. It’s all about apperances when she has visitors, which bothers me slightly. Let’s say she were in a situation with no personal surplus whatsoever, she would still move heaven and earth to clean and tidy if she knew visitors would knock on the door. Don’t care about how it looks, say I, how does it feel. But that’s not for her. Time will make it easier, of course, on her. ~~~ Long, long talk with mum on the phone. We talked about family business, mainly, how her mother came to pass and all that associated. There’s so much unwritten history, I wouldn’t like to dig deeper than this, than what a phone call allows. Too much of it is based in mental illness never properly recognized, and diagnosed. So one listens, but learns little. “The problem with your generation”, so on and so forth. I’m too deep in my family life to worry much about it, and there’s little productivity in trying to go into it. Is this harsh? I have kids of my own, now, and need to spend the time taking care of them. I don’t even consider that an excuse. Perhaps in some years, when they’re older and the circumstances regarding my busy time has changed, I’ll be better equipped. But not now. ~~~
Kid’s birthday came and went. Another stressful time, in as much as her dear mother had a lot to contend with, and yours truly had the Norfolk disease. The shits, that is, I cannot recall the last time I spent two hours straight on the john. Came to the point where everything I drank just went straight out the other end – horrendous. Even a bit of stomach acid followed, thus acid-burning the edges of my asshole. Nasty shit. But she agreed with her mum and dad to team up in Roskilde, at a play-land there, and that proved a stroke of genius. By all accounts she had a blast of a day. 6 years of age. I look at photos from previous years and she’s gotten so big. What happened to all that time? So glad I have this journal, so I can move back in my recollections. I’m sure in even more years I’ll bemoam the passing of time even more. Darling, dear girl. ~~~ Spring. Spring is here. Fucking finally. I’ll put the trampoline up, and rid the garden of all kinds of plastic toys and other shit. And that will pretty much be what I’m willing to do by my garden this year. Some other time. Do relish the higher temperatures, and the sun emerging from winther hide. This will be a decent summer I’m sure. ~~~ Tomorrow wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.