Wednesday evening, 18 o’clock. How do I choose to spend my late afternoon and early evening? Opening envelopes at a printing shop in Ballerup, in preparation of a scanning job, actually. Some trade union’s referendum, tendious work but it pays, doesn’t it. Everyone’s gone home so I’m left all by myself in this factory, which I thought was somewhat odd, that they would take a chance like that. Next thing I know they’ll be handing me the alarm-codes. Thankfully I got a machine which opens all these envelopes for me, so there’s time for other stuff, such as this entry. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t wish I was at home with my family, relaxing. Not in this life. Later’s a bonus, though, will meet up with Dennis at his place, he’s volunteered to do a chili con carne in my honor, which is great. Haven’t seen him for a lengthy while. He’ll soon have to move, though, so I guess this is the first and last time I’ll be checking out his crip. Hope he finds some place he digs. Thor has, incidentally, a sub-let in Hoje Taastrup which allows cats, unlike his current basement abode. So he’ll move out around the 15th. I must say I’m somewhat relieved at this. Not that’s he’s not a great guy, for that he is, but the house just seems too small at the present for 5 people. I’m up to here in work, work and then some, and the baby as well. The timing’s just off. From now on I won’t rent out the room for a lengthy while, not until this have calmed down and the kid is a year and a half at the least. ~~~ Things are going great with the kid, who’s in healty spirit. 5 and half kilos, that’s a nice weitght for one so young. He’s a great talker, goes on and on about God knows what. I guess we’re decent inspiration. And the nights are moving along nicely as well, so I have less of a guilty conscience in staying out late to work overtime like this. Of course, I shouldn’t have. But can I help it, no. ~~~ Odd, the circumstances of life. Here I am, a man with a decent job in the civil sector, moonlighting at the expense of my own company, sitting in an abandoned warehouse of a printing shop. That’s as odd a situation as any I can come across right now. Certainly not a boring life. Though a hard life, with few things but work and family caretaking. I’ll set aside other things for now. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Will pick up Stig from the station, having driven my girl to her Kindergarten. Then it’s to Copenhagen, to work and then some. Will be good to have him for company. Can only hope he won’t fuck up in any spectacular degree. Let’s just say that sometimes his concentration is a little off. Thursday, then. Am hoping for a quiet day.