Strange to think its been a full month since my last entry. Things are moving forward so fast there’s no keeping up. Let me touch on some of them. ~~~ V’s granddad died, at 87. Quite some mileage, and it all came to happen in the matter of two weeks. Thinking about grand-mum, who took ages and years to die, that’s probably the way I’d like to go myself. Fresh in mind until the end. The funeral was a straightforward affair, although of course V took it badly, seeing him being lowered next to her brother’s resting place. Had K with us in church – whilst Thor generously accepted the task as baby-carriage stroller – and she did well to respect the setting. After the service, retreating to their home in Ferritslev, a family thing. The spirit was upbeat, I thought, certainly compared to V’s brothers funeral. I’m not too well with these post-funeral parties, there the kids roam free and the guys talk about their new company car and such. It turns into a celebration, even, not respectful of the fact that we just put a man in the ground. But that’s just me, I want there to be a brief yet intense mourning period and then we’re all past it, rather than stretch it out and mulling over it for a prolonged spell. I respect that’s not how everyone feel, and I suspect I may be a minority in wanting it thus. Wrote a letter of condolence to his wife, a very sweet woman indeed, and she seemed glad I did so, so that’s good. Now that he’s no longer here, there’s no doubt she’ll kick into a second life of some broader possibilities, including visits to foreign countries and such. She’s deservant of this, she was always a bit hindered by his distaste of company and sparse living. I’ve no doubt she’ll thrive in the many years ahead of her. ~~~ The kid’s getting bigger and sounder, despite a trial of illness which saw us call the emergency-doc who couldn’t find anything wrong with him (as I could not myself). We always get to this point, don’t we, before it turns around. And V, despite her claims to the opposite, is too nervous around these things. If the kid is screaming his head off i.e. responding in a sound fashion and not turning blue nor unable to get in touch with, then all odds he’s comping. Anyways, he’s past the cold and what not and weights in at around 7 kilograms, a fine weight indeed. Soon he’ll receive his first vaccination, that’ll bring some volume into the house I’m sure. Still vividly recall K’s vocal objections for hours afterwards. It’s good to see him thrive, and it even seems that no matter what we can always get a smile out of him, which is wonderful. I try my best to put a smile on my face whenever he’s looking at me, for that’s what children needs to see as much as possible. And although he can’t understand the words I even put in the favorable review of his character and let him know I, we, love him much. This is how much of a pedagogue she’s changed me into, V. ~~~ My business roams free, I can’t keep up and must resort to hiring help. Thor especially has been great assistance, I can even hear him downstairs as I’m writing this, scanning questionnaires. And he lend a helping hand in moving furniture to my new office in Ringsted. For some fifty grand I’ve got a new official address at some former barracks the municipality has turned into a small-business growth-house. Fine, find features, and ofcourse hugely more official than the ones I have now, namely my basement. I recall parking next to that new office and thinking, ‘this is as big as it’s going to get’ for yours truly. I can perceive myself in some years times administreting two or three employees, not much more than that. I’ll never rise to managing anything bigger, it’s not in my interest and I won’t feel in touch with it, which is what I need to find the fun in what I do. That’s a nice to recognize, at what seems like an early stage, as it puts and end to what stress I would otherwise feel if the phone would suddenly stop ringing. Having that course to navigate won’t find me sleepless at night, pondering unrealistic battle-plans for the firm’s evolvement. I admit to being relieved to be out of the basement (sort of; the production will still take place there) and away from home, plans are to drive there tuesdays and fridays and do Uni-C at the days in between. ~~~ Brief visit to Aalborg, company business (first class, life’s good) saw me meet up with Claus, a joyful occasion. When the chance presents itself, you take it, and ’twas good to talk again. Look much forward to Las Vegas at the end of the year. ~~~ So there. Much to do about almost everything, when I go back to work for Uni-C at the start of the next month they’ll all ask about how great it was to be on leave, and I’ll do a spiel of how great it was to take time out to do only family business; when the truth is a wholly different one. Never matter; no day is alike, to be here at this time is a great challenge of wits and logistics, and although there’s no time what so ever for personal interests (the Formula 1-season and this journal aside) there’s never a boring moment. At all times I seem to try and outpace myself with new orders and new challenges, even took a dive on my ass today – which hurt like the mother of all ass-dives – whilst trying to get the littlest one to keep on sleeping, just to add to the excitement. Never one dull moment. Next up family dinners, a birthday, some scanning work, a web-service for another client, then a visit to Aalborg to scan some more shit, then to work for Uni-C, then, then, then. Life’s an exam, these days, never more so than in these days. I’ve managed to pass beyond my expectations, a good, no, a great feeling. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Mads will join me and lend a helping hand, maybe we’ll move to Ringsted if his cat-allergy gets to him. Am hoping for a quiet day.