Was going to write ‘June’ instead of May. I’m so busy and confused – thankfully not stressed – I’m hardly aware of the month. Which is ridiculous, but there you go. The work abounds, there’s no relief. I should get some help; with my head, i.e. I feel a bit worn out, as evident from a recent row with V. Having had to face a rough night she asks for relief, which I’m unable to provide much of (but do anyway) because I have so many things to do, deadlines to meet. If I didn’t have Thor to assist I’d go down, that’s for sure. Only got time to write this as I’m watching over the kid asleep in his carriage outside, whilst V is at the dentist. There’s no point in trying to get some work in; he wakes up at odd intervals and it’s a rush getting to him and getting some more sleeping time out of him, breaks the concentration completely and only delievers frustration. V… Man. She gets so angry when we have the seldom argument, everything I try is met with an attack. There’s little point in arguing with someone who’s much, much better at it than yourself, mind you she did have ‘good’ teachers and I not, so she’s got a waste advantage. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Hol(y)iday but not for me, of course. Damn, I don’t ever know or care to think about how I’ll manage getting back to Uni-C work, the notion seems ridiculous. Am hoping for a quiet day.