Thursday. Back at work, the official one. Shouldn’t take a toll but does, as I’m up at 5 but go to bed around midnight. Have made a conscious decision to not work so much on the scanning jobs. Possibly – definitely – spurred on by a bad e-mail from the accountant doing my fiscal report, in as much as they’re homing in on the few attempts at fradulous conduct I’ve undertaken. Doesn’t amount to much, but they’re on me like a fly on shit. So I guess from here on and until the report is in the bag and paid for, I’ll loose sleep. Was kinda foolish of me to try my hand at this, and it won’t happen again for sure, too cumbersome and time-consuming and I have to deal with this shit… Not worth it by a longshot. So, yea, winding down. There’s too much to do for one man alone, I can’t bring myself to hire someone to do it and there’s only a limited number of hours I can count on (paid) help from Thor and others, so I must cut down on the time I spend in this. There’s a life to live but right now I’m having none of it, and that’s a situation to remedy. ~~~ All’s well besides. The youngest had a couple of rough days, in as much as I went and had him vaccined, first time. Exact same reaction as with K, in both cases highly understandable. I take comfort in the fact the latter is fine and in good health today, as I’m sure so will he in the same amount of time. ~~~ Seemed I should’ve written a longer entry, but I can’t just now think of anything but work. It has taken me over damn near completely, there’s so little time for what else. Means these entries as ell, although it’s been a while since my last the above is all I can think of. Shame, shame. Las Vegas lurks in the distance, looking forward to my big reward, fingers crossed. Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.