Music persistently connect me with my memories of where and when I was at the time of first paying attention to it. Right now set the IPod to ‘blend’ mode and some U2 came up, and takes me back to Skive, the first years of being away from home. Don’t know if I would’ve benefitted from boarding school years, but I do know I benefitted immensely from that time, of studying craft and myself, the latter to the greatest extend. I recall being very naive, trying my best to blend in an doing a cracking job at reading other people, getting on terms with all their different personas. I was about to die in anticipation, I recall, trading school of Hobro did little for me and to my recollection I was a bit laden with self-loathing as well, and read into Skive a fresh start. Well it’s what I got – social upbringing kicked in big time, and I would like to think I made the most of it. Took some risks, most didn’t bring me gain but not – in hindsight – too much pain either. I recall a very young man trying to figure out what he was all about it, measuring himself in others, consciously trying to things he’d not done before. Accepting responsibility for his own behaviour and well-being. Taking to running as an exercise, down to the harbor to pop in and visit Brian, living in that shithole of a structure which resembled a whorehouse. Or dining out, making the most of the children’s savings. Or spending the bucks to lie on a tanning bed, aware of the benefits of a bit a shine before tending to the hormonal side of a young man’s life. So long ago, now, but so vividly recalled I can say I enjoyed it while it lasted, incredibly much so, I would wish for everyone they had such a period in their lives. Although eager to move on I now can safely say they were grand months spent there. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday, will travel to Funen to visit V’s family and do a birthday party. Should be a good time, I hope. Am hoping for a quiet day.