Shall allow myself a brief entry. Not a lot of ground to cover, though, same old. Dennis stopped by for an evening visit, which was nice. And V got back in touch with Anja, her girlfriend, or rather ’twas the opposite way around. Incidentally saw Bo Klinke in the train for Malmoe, if indeed him it was? And had just installed the IPhone LinkedIn application and am pondering giving him a shout. Would I stand to gain? Maybe I would. Our differences are, after all, some ten years old now. Would I loose face it here were to nail it shut? A little, I guess. But not a tremendous deal of it. ~~~ Hay-fever is killing me, even spend some hours in bed today because of it. Will last me three weeks and then I’ll have stuffed my body with anti-serum and that’ll last me throughout the rest of the summer. Damn, I recall filming and having to do three different kinds of medication for it. People were bringing me all kinds of new pills and I just accepted them like that, I was far out. Some guy from work mentioned a friend who knew someone who had visited a witch-doctor of some kind… I grilled him for a phonenumber to the guy. Again, far out. But if it helps… I know, I know. ~~~ A few busy days nears, alas family related. Ever thankful Thor’s back in action, working for yours truly, but soon enough he’ll have his hands busy with furthering his academic career, don’t know what the heck I’ll do. Wait and see, maybe some other option will emerge. ~~~ Hotter than hell days, 28 degrees celcius today, no escape possible. The basement’s cool, but I haven’t been able to work much as family duties call, so haven’t been able to seize the moments.