Monday, July 12th, 2010.

Monday. ~~~ Very hot and humid. V bitches endlessly, she’s unable to distract herself from it. Could be complaining actually helps her, that’s the finite reason I can think of as to why she keeps at it. Truth be told she bitches about everything these days. Nothing seems ever good enough. “If only” is the ever-rotating motto. If only this, and only that. I wish she would settle down some, be content in her own skin and knowledge of a healthy family and superior lifestyle. Though she doesn’t wanna hear of it she remains priviledged in her job-less setting, certainly this shouldn’t warrent all this moaning. Perhaps we’re just getting on each others nerves these days. Her tendency to explain every single reasoning behind her actions are making me cringe. “I’ll open the window.” – “Because it’s so hot it’s unbearable inhere if I don’t.” I just don’t wanna know why. A lot of permission-seeking, I should be better at ignoring it but find it difficult. ~~~ Brief visit with my folks, sans K who’s holidaying on Funen with the inlaws and their holiday-child Joy from Southern Jutland. An ok-trip, made it deliberately brief so as to spare both parties, which worked out ok, although the initial trip to the ferry was pure, unadulterated hell on earth. Freeway; much better. You don’t have to make some ferry-appointment,  you can drive up the nearest exit if there’s an issue or you just feel like it. Freeway equals freedom, and that’s the way we’ll do it from here onwards. The folks were glad to see us, it seemed, and I got a lot of great photos with them holding the kid; even mum. He was at his best behaviour during the whole trip, smiled ever so much at them whenever they tried to lure one out of him, thus ensuring him a good review. They’re right, though, he’s one happy kid for sure. ~~~ Have been visiting the chiropractor some two times over the last week, to rid me of a pain in the right shoulder. First visit was ok, next one was a great treatment, some Norwegen girl who really knew her stuff and went rough on me(!). Will be back there next wednesday to chat her up and face her torture. Gladly, even, she was a stunner. Thank God for the privacy of these pages. ~~~ Working hard at finishing (if ever) the data entry software for the company, my own i.e. Not much time for fun, if any. Tomorrow Tuesday, will visit Rasmus in Copenhagen, look much forward hereto. Am hoping for a quiet day.