Actually it’s Saturday. Working well into the night – again. I really should get some more sleep. But work won’t let me. Did take Bo’s advice and hired outside assistance in regards to coding, in this case a web-site. Actually it’s more like out-sourcing, as the bids coming in – it’s an online auction – are from India, mostly. Should be interesting to see how that goes, will look forward to that. ~~~ Relationship not going so well. V’s maybe lacking sleep, I know I am for sure. She gets so mad and grumpy, it’s impossible to stand. If she has it in her mind the house needs a clean-up and for some reason or the other it’s not in the cards because of this or that, she throws a fit like no other I’ve known. The disagreements are not so far apart, this day and age. If I had the time I’d try to analyze it, but there isn’t really time, is there. All I know is that I’m increasingly frustrated and find it harder every day to imagine we’ll make twenty years of marriage. Just hope it won’t turn into one of those stay-together-for-the-kids-sake things, but knowing myself I predict even in the worst of circumstances I’ll find it to stay on account of responsibility to the kids. What a cliché. I find myself more daring in social situations, too, also a symptom of an ailing relationship. I look into the girls eyes as I address them, and I can sense the testosterone-level rising. Well, maybe it’s more of an issue of the hot Summer time, who knows. I still wish I’d been more daring like this in my youth. Too late now. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Will visit the BonBon-land theme-park with some of V’s friends. At least there’s their daughter, Maggie, for K to play with. Predict I’ll eat much and drink a lot of sugar-based soda. Am hoping for a quiet day.