Feel pretty beat up after that week in Aalborg, scanning the University’s staff records. A hellish job which is not done yet, yet one I’ll think back on as my worst challenge until now. Bid way too low and ended up working 16-hour days and, in the end, one 24-hour workday, and all the while had V on the phone crying and complaining about what a hard time she was having at home; thought it was a bit too much, I must admit. Then as I was travelling home I forgot the backpack with both laptops and the scan bakups in the train; was so tired and had to drag one scanner back with me for other things, So I forgot it, and when the train broke down and we got in another, I left it behind. And endured a hellish time whilst trying to track it down, even prayed to God and, in the end when I received the news of its whereabouts, ended up crying in the train in front of everybody. Well, tried to hide myself away. As much as I could to stop running over from emotions didn’t cut it. So, yea, praise the Lord and a very humble myself returned to Soroe. At last. Still need to be up there again for another very little assignment, but at least there’s no gig like this again – ever. Have learned my lesson. ~~~ Not really the best of family-times, we do argue too much. This is because of lack of sleep no doubt, and all that work on my part as well. Caught up in that year-one crisis, such a cliché but it’s rather telling. We’re too old and I work too much in order to make this thing run like clockwork, and the lack of sleep gets to us. We’re coping, but were there to be a crisis of some sort, akin her brother’s untimely death, we would not last, I’m afraid. So I hope there won’t be one such, but life is unpredictable, isn’t it. I lack sleep, severely lack it – moving around in a constant semi-daze. Have wound myself up like a spring and fear I’ll sleep for days, given the chance. Recall having slept for three days, actually, around the time of the closing days of my draft-period – tough physical exercises were the reasons then, here and now the challenges are more cerebral in style but the odds are worsened by the lack of sleep. Well next week there’s the company seminar, which will yield a night in a hotel. So I’ll go to bed early and that’ll hopefully pay me back some. ~~~ A busy calendar ahead. August, September, all are booked solid with meets and greets and work. A lot of family-stuff. K’s holding up great, will start school next week and until then is at the SFO (translation unknown) and getting acclimated to the surroundings and the kids, and adults. Seems like a fine place to me, could be our luckiest punch so far if all goes well. The younger one grows and grows, as I came back from Aalborg I couldn’t believe how tall he had become. ~~~ There you have it, finally an entry. I’m afraid over the years they become all the same; me complaining of working too much, i.e. What can I say, that’s my life. Next week will offer a bit of everything; K’s school start, my sterilization-operation (sic), a visit from Dennis. Choke-full calendar. Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping of a quiet day.