Got K safely off to school and got on a train to Aalborg, where I scanned the final part of their archive in a few hours’ time. Should’ve done it when I did the first part, but after that 24 hour work day I had had enough of it all. Was glad I waited until today to finish it; offered the chance to get on a train and get a lot of work done, which I did, and I even got it done early enough so as to afford an albeit brief visit with the folks, which was grand. Entertained the notion of going to the movies but was glad I settled for the visit instead, time’s not so on their side – or mine – that I should not seize the opportunity to visit with them when the chance offers itself in such a way as today. Such a different time than last I was there, the pressure of getting it done, the 16 hour working days, man, I run myself hard at times. Even yesterday put on that Billy Joel tune, ‘Pressure’, as I was sorting out a mess Thor had made of the scanning gig I put him on, and thought about all that pressure which I apply to myself, or apply myself to. ‘You have no scars on your face/and you cannot handle pressure’. Damn right. Life’s an exam, at least it is and always was to me, one series of pressure points after another. You deal with them, and move on, and then it’s not so tough afterwards. I can think of a number of times I’ve faced the firing squad, and I always somehow came out alive though at the time it didn’t seem to. And, y’know, the exams get harder every time; but I get sturdier, and more knowledgeable every time as well. Maybe life’ll be a breeze at 50, I don’t see how it can’t; the kids will have gotten older, I’ll have hopefully not run myself into the ground with regards to the firm, maybe there’ll even be a few extra quid in my pocket? I won’t be doing these runs on coals for the remainder of my life, this much is certain, but I must confess I reckon’ they set me apart from the crowd. How could they not, who else would be as ridiculously ignorant as to tackle these things but yours truly? ~~~ In 3 months’ time I’ll reap my reward, when I’ll be hopping a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada. November 30th to be exact. Have high hopes for the trip, I must confess. Anyways; lots to do until then. Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.