A few quiet days in regards to the firm, so am making good use of that time, resting and recharging and cleaning out the basement. Now that I’ve resigned myself to hiring my first employee, I suppose I gotta make room for him! It’s good to go about these things, get the house in order. Have accumulated so much stuff, haven’t we, and just yesterday I went back and forth to the recycling station a handful of times. I love it; out of sight, out of mind always worked wonders for me. ~~~ Visit from Anna, V’s departed brother’s girlfriend at the time. Now she herself chooses to visit with us, so V takes that as a confirmation she’d like to stay in touch, when the previous visits came about on V’s merit. It’s good; she’s a great person methinks. The talk went, of course as she brought her two-year old twin girls, on kids, and near nothing but. Makes me wonder, though, how different life will be when the kids are grown up, and our friends’ kids are grown up. I anticipate long evenings of red wine and political talks, including the pauses friends do not feel uncomfortable by. Staying out until the stars come out, wrapping ourselves in blankets and enjoying some sort of second youth, perchance. ~~~ Great sex in the evening, when V was able to escape from the bed she and the youngest one occupies. Has been too long since, a couple’a months, but that’s the way it goes when you got kids in the house, and lots and lots of things to do. It’s important, though, to try and take that time and we outta try some more, but it’s not really in V, doesn’t take much to occupy that mind of hers’. Was good, though, very good indeed. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.