Sunday, September 19th, 2010.

Sunday. ~~~ Did a brief pause from work and surfed some Wikipedia pages, mainly on the 90’s music I once listened to (in the 90’s, if you’d believe). Then at the end of it made use of the browser’s ‘back’ button and zoomed back from the twenty-page deep links I’d been following. Felt odd, like travelling back in time. I generally start out at some search engine, typically Google, and then go in one or two pages max, I’m not the one to follow link upon link. So, yea, felt odd, fascinatingly odd. ~~~ Weekend of much work and then some. Made the most of it, but was glad it also offered the opportunity to do two sleep-overs in the trailer I bought from my dad-in-law Stig, as this meant spending an albeit brief time with my girl. V, she can hold her own, and the kid’s not so young so as to remember I’m part of the household if I should happen to fall out of eye-sight, so ’twas important to do something with her. A loaded weekend for her as well, what with a birthday and a visit with a friend, and then her new babysitter Michelle came by, so we could see if they would click, so to speak. It’s good to see her finding her way around a social life of her own. Kids should play with kids, not adults. I hope she will never, as did I, find issues with inviting friends to her home, as well as hope she would do so often. I missed out on that, as a kid, and as an adult I took too long to get going, to fulfill my potential, because I always assumed the role of one carefully managing his step for wont of social practice. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.