Friday, September 24th, 2010.

Well another working Friday and upcoming working weekend. Would like to complain to somebody, but there’s no complaint service for double agents. Gotta get a number of things in order before Søren starts his work Monday. That’s right, my first employee. First thing I’ll have him do is come up with a contract on his own, as I have no time to put one together. Would probably feel quite bizarre to him, rightly so. I’m very excited about the prospect of hiring someone for the business: That’s another guy off the employment line and into the private sector, as opposed to our bloated public one. And a lot of extra capacity into the company, can’t way to see what I’ll do with it, if I’ll be able to handle it right. I hope so. ~~~ Dizzy, can’t think in a straight line. Off to bed. Am hoping for a quiet day.