Busy, busy, busy weekend. Had not hoped it would be this way, but I messed up and needed the time to deliever to a client, and so the family had to suffer. Thank God K had a friend over Saturday to keep her occupied, and Sunday V and the kids went to Roskilde to visit with V’s friend Anja and her daughter. So maybe they got something out of the weekend, so they’ll forgive me my basement-time. I long to be around my family again, I’m not doing well on that account. Thankfully tomorrow Monday Søren will be around again. For a new employee he comes on strong, I’m quite happy with him thus far and can only hope he sticks around, he’ll be hard to interpret. Must obey V’s command and be kind to him, that’s really all I can offer. ~~~ Thus end another week. What happened to it, to my time. I need to relax a bit, am stressed out. Not the can’t-sleep-scratching-my-ulcer stressed out, but for sure there’s a shitload of details in my mind and I do what I can to react on them before they’re gone, as I can be sure if I forget any there’ll be hell to pay. As with the messed-up project as mentioned above… I sure hope they won’t come down on me, for I’m anticipating having to compensate them on lost data… All about discipline, my favorite sports but when the time is lacking I throw caution to the wind and discipline is the first to go out the window… Pray it won’t come back to bother me, the upcoming weeks are promised to be busy as heck. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.