Worked in Copenhagen, but it was a very dull day, was extremely unmotivated. The civil sector is killing me softly. Met up with Tatiana afterwards, so good to see her again. Has been, what, 2 years since. She’s just as adorable as ever, the tiny thing. All’s well in her life, thankfully, she got a new job and a new place with her hubby. Will try and stay in touch, can’t see her representing anything but all that’s good in the World. ~~~ Later on visited Thor, who made dinner. Saw a movie, ‘Knight and Day’, on his laptop. Horrible movie, great company. His cat is very much nicer now, so I guess the move to Hoje Taastrup suited it better than the Soroe basement. Good to see him again, school is becoming a bit boring to him at present, I can appreciate the reasons why. He’s an programming, analytical mind, doesn’t stand up well to this kind of loose material. Hope he’ll find greater challenges soon enough. ~~~ Good to find the time to be social. Had to stand up Rasmus, though, as V desired the Saturday upcoming without any visiting friends. The second time in a row I did that, must find a way to make it up to him. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.