Weekend of girlfriend visits with K. Neither very succesful, I’m afraid, bickering coupled with our girl who seemed not very keen on entertaining guests. Had thought it would be easier, but I realize she’s not very compatible with these girls she seems to play with at school the most. She should not have to be; if they indeed play well at school, then there’s little reason in bringing them back home if all visits will be like this. It’s hard to get to the bottom of the issues. One of the kids is much too old for 0. grade, she should be a 1. grader and she’s much too aware of her capacity and uses it to promote herself, everything is a fight to the finish. The other is not too well brought up I’m afraid, issuing vocal complaints of “I’m bored”; that’s really no way to behave when you’re out amongst people you do not know. In other words a handful, and in both cases parental intervention was required. Which leads me to conclude we should not invite anyone back unless she truly persists in her insistance hereof. I’m afraid our girl is also not equipped to handle these things. The host should be able to yield some more, but that’s not in her just yet, not at this age. Doubt any of the other girls would be able to. She retreats to ‘silly mode’, acting goofy to direct the action and hide her insecurity, but it’s such a vain attempt, she’s much too self-conscious about it and thus a poor actress. It’s… difficult. I’m guilty of trying too hard on her behalf, maybe she’s not in need of such visits as yet. I know I was, at her age, but being not allowed to have friends over I felt I was missing out, and for sure this must have contributed in some part to the loneliness I felt as a child. I do not wish the same fate on my girl, wherefore I lead the way in asking her to have friends over, well this is what I get. So it’s time to cool down on these social occasions, God knows I have plenty on my hands before catering to the needs of 6-year old girls unable to come up with something to do. I’m not too grand at these things; I haven’t the skill to deal with them. Can only hope love and caring provides enough of an excuse to merit my sad attempts at improving my skills thusregarding. I’m a serious man, and I want everyone around me to be serious as well. But that’s not ín kids. She would to wise, though, to rid herself of that goofy-retreat, which is another good reason she should have some weekends at home with but her parents – us serious folks, i.e. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.