Sunday, December 5th, 2010.

So, this is Las Vegas. Not the same as I remember, it has gotten to be a little worse; it’s more expensive and sadly more empty of character. The senses are still overloaded, I suffer terribly at this late stage in the holiday. Thankfully there will be only two days until I head back home. Claus is not the most understanding of travel-mates, alas. Unable to appreciate my desire to stick to the hotel, he assumes an insulted front. Whereas other friends would have been happy to accept this and get out on their own. Any rate, this is his choice and I cannot help it, though of course understand why he should feel this way yet honoring his wishes would be to do damage to myself. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday, last day of the trip. Might go to a movie, but could also lock myself up and write on the script, and rest. That’s as best an end to the holiday as I can think of.


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