Friday, December 17th, 2010.

Friday. Attending the company Christmas party. So how am I able to write this at the same time? Retreated upstairs to my office to skip the singing, and the games and all that. Have not the temper for it, never had. Kids’ stuff, ‘s what it is. Am much better at just sitting with folks I know, talking and burning the midnight oil. Well, maybe not so much talking. Maybe I simply suck at being with other people. Could do with the practice, couldn’t I, but there’s so much to do and so little time in which to do it. So I commenced polishing the screenplay first draft. No better use for my sorry time on earth. ~~~ Better days at home, now the youngest one sleeps the better. Cost me dearly, though, to have him visit the chiropractor and what not. She does swear to the flag of alternative treatments, V, but who am I to say it hasn’t done him good, as he’s not crying around bed-time. I’m tough to move in regards to these matters, I guess I would only alter my opinion on the alternative medicine if I were down shit creak without a paddle and truly needed something to believe in. Maybe my time for that will come, who knows. Anyways, things are better. In that regard. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Will take K and her girlfriend to the movie-theatre, that I promised to do. Weekend commences, must work Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.



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