We’re situated right next to the highest hill in Soroe, wherefore all youngsters who feel the need for commotion go to the top of it and set off their firework somewhat prematurely to New Year’s Eve. which is a drag to one who hates noise. I guess I was young once, too, so I won’t make anything of it. I guess it gets to me these days because it’s been a long year and therefore I don’t at this point feel particularly young. Has myself wondering how I’ll feel about it when I’m 46, and not 36. ~~~ Came back from Funen early, with the youngest kid, as V wanted to go to the family christmas aftermath party and we both of us believed he had had enough of being away from home – as we visitied with her folks from the 24th and until now. So we got some half a day to ourselves. Kinda fun – we got rid of the Christmas tree and for dinner we just ate unhealthy stuff, pizza for me and fruit-mash for him, and I put some music on and he managed to fall asleep for a whole minute whilst in my arms. Was glad I didn’t allow him more, it would’ve been a hellish night. As is, I got some time to pen this, and work on polishing the script further, good times. ~~~ A much, much better Christmas Eve as opposed to last year’s. Great timing to the dinner, and the singing, and the presents, and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. V certainly did, and declared it so. Got the wee bit drunk as I had hoped for, which took the edge of the entire thing, and made it somewhat more bearable to handle the young one throughout, so V and K could take it easy and do the family thing; the board-games, and the Disney Christmas Show, and such. A good time. ~~~ So back now, and there’s definitely a need to turn over the house entire, and get all together before the end of the year. In three days I’ll depart for Northern Jutland, look forward hereto. Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.