January 2nd, 2011.

Ahh, January. New year, fresh start, bullshit, got right
back into the routine of working downstairs in the evening. Well,
did get a couple of days to my pleasure at the end of the year,
which was great. Got some chores done, such as importing my pool of
journal entries entire to this blog, some 2500 of them from ’92 and
onward until now. It’s good to be able to write 2011. Equally good
to be upstate with the kids, notably the younger one who smiles a
lot at them and charmed his way in general. Good stuff. ~~~ Nothing
to this entry but desiring to pen the first one of the year.
Tomorrow the work begin in earnest, my employee Søren will get here
and we’ll have a bunch of stuff to do, K has the first day of
school shy of her holiday and its’ back into the rhytm of the year
past, I guess. Let’s see how it all fares; I know one thing for
very certain, I won’t find this new year dancing to the tune of its
predecessor. Monday, then. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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