January 15th, 2011.

Saturday. Once more succeeded in getting the kid to sleep through the night. Well, there’s no not succeeding, is there, he’ll pass the hours like the rest of us and it’s really up to him to choose what do do whilst in bed, sleep or not. All the facilities are in place to allow him to sleep, so I’m safe in the know I’ll have done the best for him. From nine on to 5 he only woke up twice, at one and three, so we’re getting (him) there, he’ll soon reach the ten hours’ uninterrupted rest. Not my idea of great fun, but a necessity non the less.

All sorts of havoc at work, a lot of restructuring going on. Impossible to say where this is headed, but I must admit to being past a care. Whatever may be, may be. The next few weeks should be fun, though. Let’s see what happens.

Cleared out the basement of crap, took to the local junkyard with the lot. Allowed me room for a bed.

Hard to keep a thought straight in my head. A lot of things I want to say, but even within this forum of my own I can’t formulate it to my liking. Lots of questions, but there’s a number of things to attend to and not time to think about answers. Will there ever be? They are not easy ones, not with this exam they’re not. Remain pretty clueless. Not the best place to be. Damn myself. Enough of this.


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