Febuary 4th, 2011.

Dumb day in a string of such. Worked in the basement with Søren, which was alright, picked up K from school. Then V was back and I took care of the little one whilst she rested, having driven to Roskilde to see her friend Anja and having gotten not enough sleep in the evening as well. Didn’t do her wonders, though, she was in a cantankerous mood as she got up and it didn’t improve over the evening, despite yours truly handling the kid and she got to see her favorite tv-show as well. Ridiculous argument about monetary matters, too, she claims I’m stringent with the money and always telling her to not spend any, which I counter: loads of parcels arrive almost daily, stuff she got on the internet and which I pay for but do not bring up. And I don’t even wanna bring up the last years of her living entirely off my income, all in all I thought it was a pretty far-fetched conclusion. No point in taking offence, of course, she’ll be verbally abusive and I don’t wanna go there.

Resolved to work in the basement around ten, got through it sooner than expected and did a half an hour’s worth of shotting at computer-controlled characters in some computer-game. Which I should not have, apart from being thoroughly beaten by the machine and thus not finding the frustration vent I was look for I must confess to not really being into it any more, perchance I haven’t for some time. It’s alright as a work distraction when I sense Søren needs a break, but as far as my own efforts are concerned I can’t bring myself to care anymore, it’s not the kick it once was. I think, to be honest, I mostly did it in favor of the social effect it brought about, whereas others I got to know were more into it for reasons of status and a sense of accomplishment, something to take pride in being good at. Now that I’m no longer in dire need of friends (or foes) I can’t find the time for it. Perhaps a good single-play adventure experience would suit me better, but there’s tons of books to read, isn’t there. Maybe I just got old, no, even better, maybe I just grew up…?

Tomorrow will try my best at breaking down a concrete flight of stairs at the back of the house. Have no idea on how to go about it, trust the local shop will have instructions handy. Am looking forward to it. Hoping for a quiet day, better than this one for sure.


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