February 20th, 2011.

Weekend of many chores; washed, cleaned, cooked, supported the family as best I could. Included plugging a big hole in the wall where before was our fireplace, that some Polish man picked up for some four hundred crowns in cash in my favor. Never had the greater use for it, so now at least there’s the space to put V’s desk instead, and free up some of the livingroom.

Finding it hard to work on finishing the first draft of the script, even at this advanced stage into it. Resistance, no doubt, I remember it being like this before. You feel tired, worn out, and when there’s time to work on it you find something else to do with that time, and then suddenly you’re too tired to focus and just want to go to sleep. Nothing much to do here but try and regain that focus, hard as that may appear.

Tomorrow Monday, school-day for the girl, work-day for me. Was good to her, the holiday, now it’s back in action for all of us, well, most of us. Was good to have her away for a few days, at Funen with her grandfolks, as we enjoyed a few quiet days here at home with just the kid for company. It’s truly a much quieter household with just one kid in it at a time.  Trying to recall the last time I had a weekend to my own devices, must’ve been a year and a half since, something like that. Of course that’s not in the cards for some while to come, alas.

Monday, then. Am hoping for a quiet day.



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