March 1st, 2011.

March. Winter’s finally over. Or so it seems. No doubt in my mind there’ll be some kind of snowstorm in April. Looking forward, not.

Went on a serious 18-hour bender which cleared my head somewhat. ‘S funny, used to have the opposite effect. I guess I must be getting older. Attended a company farewell-dinner for some individuals leaving to walk the halls of the Ministry of Education, went beyond the midnight hour mark and ended up in solo around Vesterport, purchasing and perusing(?) several colorful drinks with even more colorful names and hefty pricetags. Had been granted a night on the town and wanted to spend it on the town, dammit, to which effect I ended up in Odense at five o’clock in the morning. Has been years, truly years since last I was out this late and to this kind of hangover. Not what the doctor ordered but perchance ’twas just what I was in need of. I seem to have calmed down from those past entries of anguish and remorse. Settling in, once more, i.e. She did once bring this up, V, that I was always to be found in an upbeat mood whenever I got the chance to go away for a little while, well they’ve been long in between, those occasions. Although I regret the 48-hour recovery period I must confess to having enjoyed myself immensely whilst away from the family scene. Don’t know if this negates the entries mentioned, or the sentiments I have passed through of late, but I do know I feel more relaxed this very moment and that’s a better way about it all.

Still nowhere near the end of the script, though, this must change but there’s a bunch of work to attend to, including some moving and stirring at my ‘official’ work, more on that later.

All good things, and waiting, well maybe I’ve managed to wait this one out. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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