March 3rd, 2011.

March. Still frickin’ cold, seasonal status-change not withstanding.

At odds with my job, the regular one i.e. Thank God for this extra-marital job-affaire of my own company to keep me sane and make me believe I’m at least doing something valuable with my time. All this red tape government business isn’t doing me any favors of late. Are we truly helping others – or are we just running a business for the sake of running it, and for keeping ourselves occupied and savoring our meal-tickets? There seems to be little in way of a strategy, of a corporate purpose. All statements put forth to this I’m sure desired effect are “we assist the institutions in” or “we govern the statitistics in favor of the ministry of bla bla bla”. No grand we-are-the-World schemes at play here. Perhaps I’m just a bit fed up with being in the same place for too long. Well, that and a lot of knowing what it truly feels like to carry a business on one’s shoulders, to nurture it and see it grow; going to government work is such a 180 degree turn on that sensation.

Better days will come, I’m sure. More purpose, probably not. Must find a way, then, to make it at least some kind of fun, educate myself further i.e.


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