March 29th, 2011.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011.

V’s fretting about he trip to Sweden, where on two seperate locations she’ll be talking about her book for fifteen minutes to some high-schoolers. Plane paid for, hotel paid for. Her greatest concern? That I’ll fuck it up at home, throw a fit and hurt the kid. No trust, here we go again. Her mother will join me and pretend to take care of K, when in reality she’ll be keeping a close eye on me and take charge when she feels it’s time I had a break, I despice it when she does that, takes over because she knows best. Mothers-in-law, what to do with them. Ah, well, I guess they mean well. It’s just that I wanted to make it work, and truth be told it’s been yours truly who’s found the most calm of late, of long late. The ups and downs of a relationship… I do get to look forward to the following weekend, on the 8th of April, where I’ll be taking the train to Northern Jutland solo, visiting with the folks and trying to finalize the script, look much forward hereto.

All’s well otherwise. Well, ‘well’ not so much with the kid, fresh from his vaccination which always seem to fuck up our kids beyond anything they try and prepare us for at the clinic; “he’ll be unhappy for a few hours” usually suggest the kid in question will be totally useless for a few days, which proved the case also this time around. V forgets K behaved in exactly the same way, so I suppose there’s hope I too will be unable to recall the miserable time with my older age.

Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.




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