April 4th, 2011.

There is a something I do not wish for my children, to make the same mistake as did I in my time; listening too closely to the opinions of others, and act according to popular belief. I did that too much, too frequently, to little avail in self-promotion. Because I wanted to be part of the crowd and, due to my heritage, was afraid to stand out, I took it for granted when someone of some repute or the self-conviction I sorely lacked promoted a statement of personal belief into fact. Even today I find it difficult to not immediately agree with a comment from someone who applies weight to his word, by way of his age, experience or persona; I usually need a certain amount of time before looking at the notion from a different perspective or from someone else’s point of view. I have gotten vastly better at it, though, which is of course because the age and experience of my own has come into play. And I’m even further garenteed to get better still. I bothers me some, though, that I never was very good at it as a child or young man, I wasted some time moving in directions which were not really suited to yours truly. I shall try my utmost, certainly, to prevent the same with my kids.

Tuesday V will move to Sweden for a couple of days, thus I’m left with the kids and her mother. Hard to tell which will be the greater nuisance to me, in all likelyhood the latter. Have a decent reward to look forward to, though, as Friday I’ll sit down for a drink with Thor and Dennis, respectively, and later still be on the train to Northern Jutland for a visit with the folks, just myself and the script. Which, on another note, is in its first draft finishing stage, just a brief voice-over dialogue and some spelling and phrases to sort out. Will weight in at around 125 pages. How long has it been in the making, until now? 3 years? 4? Can’t bear to think about it.

Enjoyed great weather in and around the weekend, plus fifteen degrees celcius. Offered the opportunity of taking the kid on bicycle rides, him up from in his seat, yours truly doing all the work. Methinks spring and summer will make it easier to spend time with him, it as much as it’s easier to act on a whim and take him somewhere without the hassle of thick overcoats and gloves and what not. Other than that look merely forward to the hotter weather, has been ages coming.

Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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