April 26th, 2011.

Tuesday. Easter break is over. A good one; got a lot of different stuff done. Not much work, but that was fully intentional. Spend a lot of time with the kids, mainly the younger one. Took him for many a bicycle-trip, and walked him in the stroller. Good stuff. V’s girlfriend Anja dropped by, V gets a field day(o) out of reporting about it, about the complaints in regards to her psychopatic husband. Control-freak if ever. Another sad case of doing it for the kids, waiting patiently for the day they are no longer in the house. Such a waste, of life and potential.

Finished the screenplay to the best of my abilities, and got in touch, towards exceeding my abilities, with an American youth who’s blog I came across and enjoyed. A very honest account of his life, very brave of him to put it out there. Hard to say at this point if he’ll deliver, I of course remain hopeful. Got a meeting set up with the head of the Danish branch of United Internal Pictures, the distribution company, hopefully he will have some pieces of advice as to how to set up an attractive package which a production company may pick up. That as good a place to start as ever, picking up good advice.

Big break in my marriage woes came courtesy of yours truly getting the kid to sleep. Of course, even as I gladly assume sole credit a lot of it goes to the kid as well, you can’t get kids to do something like this if they aren’t themselves ready and prepared for it. Got apt at tucking him in whilst all the time making him aware of my presence and, a little while into the ritual laying myself down on the mattress on the floor and faking going to sleep, teaching him how laying down to rest is in fact a good thing. And he takes to it, after a beat of rumbling around and trying to wear himself out in finding a good position to go to sleep in, he falls asleep with a little sign of what I take to be either relief or surrender. And so V gets a full night’s rest without having to get out of the bed, and I sleep on the couch or maintain my stay on the mattress aforementioned. And she’s much easier to be around, and she goes much easier on me as well. And the problems are suddenly solved, by way of magic, and the spark is back in our marriage. Ah, well… I still feel as if I can’t do much right, she still questions my efforts in maintaining the house and such, and I wish she wouldn’t. That’s her way, her issues with authority spills over on yours truly, and I’ll need live with that, and so I do. I myself am the happier now that there’s time to get out of the house, as given her new-found sleep she is the more prepared to grant me the occasional leave of absence to visit with friends and such. It’s a great big circle, isn’t it, lack of sleep deprives not only the body but also the soul. It feels ridiculous to have been through the fighting and the notion of a seperation. But over it is, the great crisis that probably only I experienced, and will keep a lid on it for good. No use in otherwise.

Tomorrow Wednesday, working from home. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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