May 11th, 2011.

May. What a magnicient month, May, this time around. Weather is great. Screenplay is almost done. Kids are mostly healthy, wife seems satisfied. A long time since last entry, busy days. Yet still time to talk to a few friends, thankfully. Work abounds, always enough to go ’round. Søren is on holiday, so it’s up to yours truly, I certainly feel his presence missing. Wouldn’t I enjoy doing this full-time? In the category of ‘be careful what you wish for’, I know. Work – my regular Government work – surely sucks. Tedious and no-one knows what’s going to happen in regards to the restructuring. Which is to say, no-one knows whether they still have a job, or if they do, if they will carry over what they’re doing now. The craziest of situations. But what can you do.

Will see sis today, look forward hereto. Has been ages since, I don’t know really why. Busy days for both of us, I guess. Too far apart in geography and lifestyles. Last I talked with her on the phone she still had answers for everything. Must feel pretty great. Though I do not envy her that; I would forever be unsure of myself, of if I had asked myself the right questions. Would feel too easy.

Had a meeting with Michael Berg, the head of the Danish branch of United International Pictures, the distribution company. Was eager to get in touch with him, in the hope he’d have some advice for yours truly in regards to the script, near completion. But alas he wasn’t too familiar with the US ways of doing business, agents vs. production companies and so on and so forth. A rather peculiar meeting, though, he was keen to promote a front of “the devil’s advocate”, which I thought was rather, well, odd. But good of him to see me, of course, he’s undoubtedly a busy individual. Have no greater notion of how I’ll go about getting the script out there. Will put together a strategy soon enough, write some people.


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