June 7th, 2011.

Summer draws nearer. The hayfever approaches once more, hopefully I’ll manage to keep it at bay. The script is done, bought a laser-printer and a bunch of paper and ink and came up with 10 addresses of production companies that will hopefully find a junior editor or two studying the first ten pages of it. And turned up some serious-looking screenplay competition I might enter in a fortnight. In short will try and make a dent, and if something stirs because of that effort I’ll take it as far as it goes, and if not, that’ll be the end of that hobby. Wonder which it’ll be.

Great argument and make-up with V, rushing in on my attempt to get the kid to sleep. Didn’t work out on account of the heat, and on him getting to bed too early or too late (hard to tell one from the other), and of him rolling around in the bed and getting frustrated from being caught up in his blanket. Found myself accused of all sorts of things, most of all of being negligent and upset when in truth I was in fact quiet at my ease. She had thought there was something wrong with the boy, so that explains her behaviour, I guess. Though a visit with the doctor revealed no issues what so ever, and this evening I got him to sleep as if yesternight never happened. And just to rub it in I stopped in the road-side on my way back from having gotten the girl to school, and picked her a bouquet of wild flowers and corn. So she had to admit defeat. It’s not a battle, or even a struggle, I just get upset when accused of being past my temper. I haven’t been, not in a long, long time. I’m tempted, of course, when I find him moving to and fro in the bed and standing up and what not in his attempt to find sleep; “why can’t you just…”. But I tell myself ‘patience’, and the temptation to get upset fades away. Simple as that. I guess I must be in a favorable position in life to afford that result, well I’ll take it, ‘s all I can say.

Demolished the shed that was the rabbits former abode, then the next day took it to the recycling station, the lot of wood and glass, and nails – including the one I stepped on. Had to call the medical out-of-hours service to find out when my last tech-shot(?) was, alas they couldn’t say so I chanced it and cleaned the wound after applying some pressure to get the blood flowing. Dad recalls as a kid stepping on a nail, too, breaking through the entire foot. Must’ve been a pretty painful experience, was glad he survived it. Probably not a much rusty one. Was happy to see that shed go, ’twas an eye-sore and a hazard and now the kids won’t step on a nail or cut themselves on one of the shards. Am looking into concluding work behind the house as soon as possible, so we might benefit this summer. Would love for the municiaplity technical department to approve of the extended terrrace I’ve planed, but that’s in the wind just now.

Visited with the folks for a day, Got there around noon and left at two the second day. Basic in-and-out, enough to keep them in the loop and allowing myself time to work through the rest of the weekend. It gets too much for them, the noise of children and the disruption of their daily routine. So a one-day trip must suffice until the young one gets a tad older. In all honesty, it gets too much for yours truly as well. It’s a long way up, and I’m ill equipped to deal adequately with the circumstances of the travelling and child-tending myself. He did sleep alright in the car on the way up, and in the evening in a bed strange to him, but it was most of plain luck, it could’ve been hell. Next time he’ll be the older and wiser. Good to see them again, of course.

Back to work. Am hoping for a quiet day.


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