June 17th, 2011

Friday. Was set to do some go-carting with Dennis, but the action center screwed up the order and we had to let it go, instead went to the movies. Forgettable film, decent company. Afterwards went to his place and had a bite to eat, and mads and his girl Laura were there as well. Good to see him again. Hope it might be I could find some work for him in a near future. A good time with good friends.

Discovered a screenwriting competition I intend to enter. Also found some names in a Hollywood directory, that I aim to send it to. May be a heck of a long-shot, but there’s no harm herein, is there. A good script wants to be made into a movie, so I guess in time I’ll learn if the play is any good or not. If so, great, if not, well I tried, didn’t I. So will do those, and try and think of other ways as well. The distance is great, perchance I could turn it to my advantage, somehow.


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