July 25th, 2011.

Holiday entire is officially over. Back at work, drinking bland office coffee and adjusting my seat up and down. Mundane business, such is my work. But it keeps the bread on the table, doesn’t it. It was good to update that budget. Notably so as a couple of posts needed updating, specifically the insurance ones – didn’t cover the little one, I discovered. As it is, beyond the update, we’re scraping by. The private company of mine sure does take on a lof of the expenses, though. Thank god. The car is near busted, will need to get another one. All very expensive stuff, and of course a number of demands from the missus. She does get to me, sometimes. She’ll move through the years without securing any kind of job what so ever, live by my means though not concern herself with the finances nor the budget nor take on the responsibilities of full-time house-wife. She will, of course, moan about not knowing what to do with her life, about not being able to do anything while the kids are so young, what have you. I can’t tell how she manages, I guess somehow it works out for her. Have resigned to the fact, though, so am not bothered too much about it, where others would have long since ended the relationship. She’s priviledged in as much as she found a man whose M.O. is taking care of his family, first and foremost.

Anyway, who’s bitching now. Back at work and happy about it, not the work but the fact that I’m back. Need spend time with adults, 2½ kids in the house is driving me nuts even if I spend chunks of time in the basement, trying to make us some money.

Am hoping for a quiet day.



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