August 2nd, 2011.

Ahh, August.

Bought a new car, well, a new used one. An Opel, family-sized v.16 Liter engine. Seems like a good choice, doesn’t run long but runs okay. From 2000. One small caveat, though, from Stig the father-in-law getting absolutely panicked about the level of oil in the oil-canister, supposedly it’s not meant to be this high. He got upset with me, even, to the level of how he gets upset, evident in his declaring solomnly “well it’s your car, so…”; thus letting me know, in no vague terms, that if I didn’t act on his panic, and this at once, I was an idiot. Took the car to one mechanic who didn’t seem particularly upset about anything, and today said in-law will arrive and take it to a different mechanic, and I can only hope that’ll be the end of it. Please God let that be the of it. I want to be like that when I get old, bothersome and annoyingly insistant. Seems like that would be fun.

Little one slept better this evening. Went beserk as yours truly tried to tuck him in, I don’t think he rates me highly beyond yesterevening’s efforts, calm as I thought I was throughout that ridiculous evening of no sleep at all. Hopefully he’ll get increasingly better from now on, that RS-virus sure has taken its toll.

Switching to use my left hand as mouse hand, as I can’t get rid of that pain in my right. How’s that for a grand news day?

Lots and lots to do, and not enough time. Mads should drop by Wednesday and help out, thankfully I can pay my way out of some of it. That’s tomorrow, even. Time flies.


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