August 16th, 2011.

Time to don the winter jacket once more. Not that I mind, it’s a great piece, V got it for me. Apart from the lack of inside pockets it’s near my favorite item, methinks. Well, that and my phone. Only I wish the summer would last longer, but we’re drenched and the radiators are beginning to heat up, so it’s not really coming together. Oh well, maybe next year will be better. Am still very happy indeed we’re living so close to the woods, soaking up all the rain and keeping the basement dry. Good call.

Talk with mum, talking about selling the house; got a bidder, a young couple, taking some time to consider it. So they’ll probably move to Skals, which I guess is a good choice: medical facilities, a market in-town, close to Viborg. Couldn’t fare much better, I’d say. But am still not keen on the notion, why, because I’ll no longer have the same access to my childhood home. Don’t know why that should mean so much to me, but it does non the less… So it’s a blessing and a curse both. It’s a sanctuary for a child, who doesn’t need the fundamental things to change for as long as she’s brought up – but once a grown-up it’s a burden of emotional attachment. That’s a tough nut to crack. I will miss that house, I’ll miss it much indeed. A lot of memories, a lot of emotions passed through it. I hope I’ll be able to support my own family for as long as it takes for the kids to get sick of us and move out: I do believe in the stability factor beyond all else. But then I’m likely to get rid of this house of our own, if I’m not attached to it then, from watching our kids grow up inside it. Talked with V about buying a big ass trailer and moving to a camping facility, permanently. Would mean I could retire at 55, right abouts. Hope I’ll still like that notion when that time comes, she – surprisingly – seemed comfortable with the notion (“I wouldn’t have to clean such a big area” – yeah, right…).

Work is tough these days, there’s a helluva lot of it and it doesn’t seem a day passes without a deadline of some sort. Hope I’m passed the eye of the hurricane now, I should think so but there’s a tendency for things to suddenly creep up. This next weekend V’s away at some seminar she really wanted to do, wherefore I footed that bill as well, so I’ll have the kids at my leisure. So no work, I hope. The littlest one is a tough one on us, these days, his introduction into daycare is not going at all well and he clings to either of us to stay whenever the other one leaves the house, so troubled by the notion of being left behind. Certainly brought about by aforementioned introduction, but, fuck, he’s being a pain in the ass about it. Will take him at least a month to sort out in his head, there will be hell to pay. Fuck it, just going through the motions I guess. ‘Twas the same with K, remember it vividly. We’ll get through it. Just wish it would be … easier. That’s all.

Will meet up with Dennis, generously agreeing to visit us in order to fix V’s macbook. Which she screwed up by answering too many times in the affirmative to the question of “would you like to switch your DVD drive’s region code – you can only do this xx times before fucking up the drive for good”. Hope he’ll be able to do something about it, she’s a pain in the butt when she can’t watch her movies in the evenings. Her daily break. Wish I had one of those. Will be good to see him again, only hope he won’t throw Kirstine around like he usually does, and scare the shit out of the little one. He seems to be doing alright by himself, which I guess remains his foremost priority.

To work, now.


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