August 29th, 2011.

It always seemed odd to me how some people, too many to favor, are unable to admit to their faults. If anything is in the wrong, they are certainly not to blame; and even if it appears blatantly obvious to everyone but themselves a finge may be laid upon them, to the best of their abilities they will find any little point of confusion to poke into, in their hunt for a “see, I’m not totally at fault here”: I look upon this as a sign of weakness. There’s no glory in being stubborn, it just makes you look like an ass. Why do they find themselves unwilling to compromise? Rooted in their childhood, I suppose, let’s say a dominent father, perhaps, who dispiced weakness in his son and didn’t tolerate erronous behaviour. Myself, well I always found it easy to admit to my fuckups. Most likely becuse they were so many in number.

Attended a family celebration on Funen, V’s grandmother got to 90 – and she’s still going strong as ever, that’s something. The place is been extensively remodelled after her husband’s death, which, it must be said, was 40 years too late (the remodelling, not his demise). Great new kitchen, fresh white paint everywhere… Really did the place good. The party, well, as droll as ever. I’m still, it seems, strolling behind a curious child, seeing to it he doesn’t fall down stairs or into the pond. Little in terms of valuable conversation, it seems to be most close to mid-age males trying to boost their egos. Maybe – the greater possibility – I’m not into the regular conversation style as such. I don’t care for politics nor soccer, I’m too arrogant to want to test the opinions of others too much… I grant it I’m not the best conversation starter. I care more for the little things in people’s lives, that’s really what I want to hear about. The big stuff, well anyone can spill shit, can’t they, it’s knowing how people react in their daily lives that makes you know them better, not what party they care to vote for. Any matter. Had a good chat with Stig, my father-in-law, who knows the World he wants to know as well as do I. And we both wanted to be elsewhere, so we were in the same boat of sorts. ‘Invited’ him to assist me with the garage, would be good fun to do on a sunday if one such available one should arrive soon.

All work and still little play. Tomorrow, though, will meet sis, will look forward to that.


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