September 6th, 2011.

Election is coming up, in a week and a half we’ll vote for new leaders, or the old ones, however the latter seems unlikely. I couldn’t give a shit, to be frank, it’s become quite meaningless. When the libertines cannot but follow in the path of the socialists and spend endlessly and excessively on maintaining and expanding the civil sector, where’s the damn sense. Besides, in regards to what plagues us the most these times, the financial situation what with the debt-crisis everywhere and what have you, we’re at the mercy of the countries around us and across the atlantic. It’s all connected, isn’t it, and when their dominoes falls – which I’m sure it will – so will ours. I’m not sure I’ll vote this year; I’m so disillutioned. Perhaps in 4 years’ time, when there’re politicians worth voting for, who won’t fall on every little thing and tab it for newsworth, neglecting the greater strategy  of our society. V will probably make me go this year anyway, so I guess I need make up my mind, but it sure as shit won’t be soul-searching.

Birthday coming up, This year got myself something special, a moped made out as a motorcycle replica, imitating near everything but the engine power. So I can practice riding a bike before actually trying to apply for a licence. Seemed the most sensible thing to do, in as much as I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, let alone something less powerful. So it appeals to my habit of preparing a long time before undertaking an effort in something. Always did that, didn’t I, at times I guess I went overboard, too. In, for example, not starting a company before I was thirty-three. Or not having sex before twenty-six (possibly the most practice-intense feat of all). I simply like to be well-prepared, because I have a basic insecurity about letting other people see me making an ass of myself, so would rather meet up being better than them all or not meet up at all. That’s pretty fucked up, I know, but what can you do. Anyways, the moped is an Aprillia RS50, looks great, sounds ridiculous but I’ll be behind a helmet and no-one will know it’s me. To be delievered some time this week.

All else seems alrigth. Look forward to Friday, will go out and have a beer and a chat with Dennis and Mads, that should be fun.


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