September 16th, 2011.

Got the election over and done with. Pretty nasty affair, a lot of personal attacks á la an American election. Didn’t get to sample the debates, because of family reasons, so couldn’t speak at length about the candidates and their ambitions on behalf of this country; but I’m not really one to care much, either, not at this time in my life. The socialist wing scraped it together, barely, but it’s a fragile coalition and there’s every chance that out-side interferences will make life much harder for them than domestic issues in this tiny country. The debt crisis rears its head and there’s no escape for any of us, least of all politicians who won’t be able to vote no-yes in its favor.

Got on the motorcycle for the first time – indeed the very first time. Well technically it’s a moped I guess, but it handles in the same style as a real bike and it weighs in roughly about the same, so I’ll call it a motorcycle – that’s what they call it in Italy, so I think I’ll get away with it. Anyways, ’twas a pretty windy day for a test-ride, but I figured I had better get out before I would never manage to kick life into it, so hopped on. It was good fun. Managed a lot of stops and starts and turns, good practice. It will surely take a lengthy while before I’m fully tuned into the handling and all the handles and buttons of it, but an awesome beginning, it revs like a dream. And I didn’t fall off at any point, so I gather it was some kind of success. Felt very much like a total schmuck when people glared my way, which surely they did. Can only hope at least half of it was to admire the machinery, rather than schoff at my erratic driving. So a decent start, and with more practice I should be okay to take the real card next summer. Cannot stress enough how great it feels to be driving at my own pace, doing my own routines in a safer environment than the driving school would immediately offer. Gradually stepping up the speed and such at leisure, not out of order from some guy in the car behind. Exactly the right way to go. Goes to show how important it is to practice, first and foremost, and inarguably more important to make your own way and not listen to those who disagree with it. I had so many, how, telling me I should just get started on the real licence right away, but I believe I would’ve been thoroughly discouraged at the prospect of doing 80 km/h, dealing with traffic, beyond just a few hours on the driving school grounds. Far better, this. I got a first initial bad experience, trying my way on a Suzuki there back in Skive, and it’s stuck with me since. And I always cared a helluva lot about other people’s opinion of me, as I didn’t want to be seen out of place. That falls back on me even now, which is why it’s great I can go at my own pace in places where’s not so many people around to glare in my direction. Thing is, being on a bike – specially a sports bike as cool looking as this – is bound to turn a lof of heads, and if I’m not 100% equipped to handle it, which one isn’t having never been on one before, I’d be too self-conscious and basically embarrassed I’d be doing it wrong to fully focus – despite the partial anonymity offered by the crash helmet. Look forward to getting out some more, every time I do it’s double the experience I had before, so I should be getting up to speed – in more ways than one – quickly.

Good chat with the old man, no kind of news day but good to hear they’re doing alright. Driving round and seeing the sights, I don’t know what they will do when they can’t drive around anymore. How old is he – 65? I seem to recall granddad on mum’s side sat behind the wheel until near 90, bragging about it, too. He talks about being on a motorcycle himself, know he’s had several of them, and of crashing while driving to work on frosty mornings. In the end he traded in for a car instead,  I believe, but it’s still good to talk with him about it because it takes away some of the concerns I get from listening to people worried on my behalf. Back in his day it was quite commonplace to drive one of these things to get from A to B (they were of course somewhat less potent then), and so he speaks of it as if it’s truly nothing to be concerned about. I recall being a kid and everyone in my class had Yamaha’s and Puch Maxi’s and was thus able to visit with one another despite the great distances between us. Perhaps I’m just now realizing how I would’ve enjoyed that, and that’s where the passion comes from, ‘s highly likely. Though I can’t say I regret it, although my life then would’ve seen regrets, as I now enjoy the kind of life – basically – I wouldn’t chance much of. If there had been that kind of transportation and thus socializing available, I would likely have turned out much differently from whom I am today. I would’ve graduated with a simpler degree than the sorry one I have now, and would’ve been prone to bad influences. Probably become a farmer or carpanter or what not. So I’m alright with it now, to some certain extent. About feeling lonely as shit, well that’s a different issue.

Family’s doing well. Well, better: N got past his mid-ear infection via the penecillin, thankfully, and thus sleeps soundly at nights again. And is back in daycare, so here we are waiting for the first ‘real’ child-disease. And K’s doing fine in school, by all accounts. Parent-teacher conference coming up, so we’ll get a better insight there. And she’s attending a gymnastics class on the Mondays, great for her motor-skills and something mother and daughter can share. So no strains here. Financially we’re not exactly sticking to the budget, are we, and I had to replenish our private funds with liquidity from the company. Which I don’t enjoy, but should: the reasons we’ve stressed the budget is mainly because I decided to get a motorcycle (alright, so it’s a moped, but in Italy…), and I could only justify getting it as a reward for all my hard work throughout the years. So I’ll live through the red numbers in our personal accounts.


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