September 19th, 2011.

Pretty solid working weekend, made som 18K including sales-tax. Great to see value for my time, but not enough of that time was spent with my family, sadly. It seems every weekend is full of work, and never a chance to relax. Can’t have it both ways, I guess. Saturday had in mind to work throughout the day, but the kid suddenly took to not sleeping because of a cold, and just as V had wanted toput him out in his carriage for a noon-nap, it began to pour down – so she took him in the den instead, but of course he didn’t want to go to sleep there in the middle of the day. Thankfully it stopped raining almost immediately, but the damage was done and I brought the carriage out into the street and walked with him for two hours straight. Long time since I last got that kind of exercise! So I guess I was there for him, but not for him to see – he slept soundly through it all.

When you have children, you trade in your time for theirs. That’s what you give up most of all, time to spend at your own leisure for projects of your own plotting. You take your time and give it to them, to add to theirs in as much as helping them with tasks they could not themselves complete in a reasonable time, if at all. Then, as they get older, you increasingly free up more and more of your time. I have a hunch this is what gets to people the most, the deficit of time you suddenly have. At any given point you must be able and willing to drop what you’re holding and give yourself away to some other purpose; you can’t always count on being able to attend the events you set out to attend, as at last notice plans might change. So be it, a select choice.


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