October 1st, 2011

Well there you go.  A 18 hour working day, give and take. Most likely ‘give’. Worked until half past three in the night, then got up at eight and worked until 22.30. Got down and got rid of some of all that needs doing, still… I had better hopes for this weekend. I wanted to be more with my kids. Thank God I sat the little one three quality hours as V got K to her swimming lessons and back. Still it’s ridiculous I work so much. But the money we need, so what can you do. Is this the trap my dad fell into. That’s what it feels like. Just now I miss my kids. Working so much, I don’t get to see them as much as I want to. I would see them more if I didn’t have to work this much.

Tomorrow Sunday. Will partake in a family outing on Funen, thanks to what time I gained today. Will tend to the kids, mainly, as that’s where my gulity conscience lies. Will even take a bath in preperation hereof. Has only been two weeks since my last one. Always something to do with my time besides standing under a shower head.


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