October 3rd, 2011.

October is here. Probably one of the last chances of getting out on the motorbike (well, technically a moped) I bought for my perusal, an Aprilia RS 50. Should learn me well how to ride a motorbike, at least that’s the plan. I’m happy with myself for making the investment; there’s no chance in hell I could’ve gotten on a ‘real’ bike and do the speed I did tonight, 70+ km/h, without the extensive training this is getting me. Chance truly favors the prepared mind. Doing 75 on this 110 kilo thing scares me shitless; the wind really catches you and tries to shake you around. V said it best, it’s like getting on a freeway for the very first time, you’re almost in shambles from going more than a hundred, it feels like you’re in a formula one car at Silverstone. But then in the end it turns out it’s not really that much, is it, given some years of experience. I suppose in a year or two I won’t feel the same about those three quarters of a hundred an hour. It does me good; it’s great fun, truly, I’m getting the hang of it and there’s not an iota of stress about family, job, the second job, what have you. A really good investment.


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