October 30th, 2011.

Got a memory in my mind of how I woke up beside her in Malmoe, with the single terryfing thought in min head; “I can’t breathe”. Rushing to the bathroom, don’t know how I avoided to pass out. Got some water in my face. Sat shaking for an hour, trying to control my lungs. And then going back and wondering if I should call 911 immediately.

Anxiety attacks? Or a minor hemorrhage in my brain, moving the bricks around? Am I perhaps doomed, having lived some 8 years since that with a death-sentence over my head, to be executed in the immediate future? Such strange tricks our mind plays on us. We’re pretty fragile, aren’t we.  I hope in time I’ll be able to teach my son and daughter these lessons.

I you do what you fear, you fear will go away.

7 years it took me. And still, then, it comes back to haunt me from time to time.

Listening to the new “Superheavy” album. Dave Steward really brought out the troops. Good stuff. Working through the Sunday. But hey, only working one day in the weekend is a great beginning to shut down the company! And yesterday say “Tintin” at the Slagelse Panorama with K, great outing we had. And the evaluation of the company came in, a target set at a million and change. Wouldn’t that be something.


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