November 4th, 2011.

November is here. The sale of the company is set in motion; signed the deal, helped them design a prospective for potential buyers. Have little to no idea if it’ll go own. My gut feeling tells me yes. If it happens, it happens. I sure do hope it so, would mean the world of difference to my life. But it’s not to say. Am past the bulk of work towards the end of the year, unless something horrible comes up I’ll coast towards the finish line, which is absolutely fine by me. So here’s to hoping everything will end on a high note, whilst remembering it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. One thing amongst many I take away from this latest adventure is the knowledge should be taken for granted, not even when there’s a signature on the dotted line; it¨s all about seeing the money in the bank.

Friday and I’ll be joining some current and ex-colleagues for a beer downtown. Have been looking forward since whenever, as the last two times I wasn’t able to make it (and I even set those dates up!). So will go and have some fun. It’s a working weekend, anyway, so I feel as if I can afford it. Saturday will be working away on company business, and Sunday V’s off to her seminar that she wanted to do, some alternative medicine thing. Nothing which the family will benefit from financially in any kind of future, but I gather it makes her happy to get out and do these things. So will take my chance to do something which I like, which is seeing friends and allies. Which, I may add, I haven’t been able to do for a hundred years or more.

Read Rob Lowe’s autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell my Friends”, which was terrific. Not exclusively in as much as I finally found the time to read again (!), but it’s a great read as that. Alla these things took place when I was old enough to know who he was and follow his on-screen career, and that of the many ‘brat-pack’ people he encountered, and he talks openly and honestly about the concerns and fears he had going into the business, and whilst being in the business; not those of ‘movie-star’ pondering, but rather real fears of failing to commit, of being detached from the reality of a ‘real’ life. I’m amazed that someone could survive that kind of excess he has been through in terms of freely available women, booze and adventure. Made for a fun read, with an ever lurking serious note, I liked this one a lot.


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