November 23rd, 2011.

Cycling to work in the mornings, and back in the afternoons. It’s really, truly cool to get back out there, if only the bike itself is a little bit worse for wear; Stig picked it up out of the woods and fixed it up for V, who hasn’t been on it for a half year since taking delivery. So here I am, getting back in shape, or trying my best to. Even getting on the exercise-bike in the evenings, having tucked the youngest one in. Doing something with my frame should help re-build my immunous system, which has been shit for so long as I can remember. Drinking less coffee, too – what a saint. Am just about getting to the bottom of this latest pneumonia, for which the doc prescriped penecillin. Yearly occourance, usually, but from now on I’ll redeem myself and next year I won’t get it, so help me God.

Got together with Sis a the Vesuvio restaurant in Copenhagen, nice place and very nice to see her again. By request she brought two enourmous jugs of dried coffee (that mostly V will enjoy(!)), half priced in Sweden. I should go on a study trip there, next time, visit her and Thomas at their place and check up on the Swedish prices as opposed to the Danish ones. There’s bound to be a difference in some item groups, and with this kind of inflation – 8 percent this year (not the official estimate, but the supermarket-measured inflation) – it’s time to think in alternative ways. In fact, I believe I will do just that; has been ages since I last visited with them.

Not much news on the potential sale of the company; still waiting for them to complete the prospect, the sales-paper i.e.

Looking into doing another screenplay, did I mention this? Encouraged by some new idea, there will ever only be another inspiration, and then another after that. Then I get to thinking about how that would more than likely lead to a net loss, rather than a gain, in a time when we live off my sole income. And how that time could be spent on other, more financially forgiving ventures that would also be of some entertainment value to me. It’s a tough negotiation, there’s no chance in hell I’ll make both at the same time. And I think back those years at what a carnage it was to do the first. Of course, circumstances are vastly different now. Thank fucking God. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing. Well, here’s a plan, of doing an outline of the screenplay, and wrap a treatment around that and get someone skilled to do a series of storyboards for it,and try and promote that. Much better than my usual penning the entire script, up front. Then, if it bombs, it won’t be (as) much of a hassle afterwards, and it’ll be out of my system. Until the next idea pops up.

Doing alright by the November. Or it by me.


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