December 16th, 2011

Reading a biography of Robert Redford. Never knew there was so much to him. A great read. Reading about other peoples’ lives – preferable those still living – was always a great inspiration. And, significantly, when your life – though in this case only my business life – is in turmoil, it’s good to read about the long life of others, where deep problems and issues become subdued or solved or go away with time. So you know that will happen to you, also.

It’s only now that I write this that the notion comes to me, that I’m entirely at liberty to separate my personal life from my business life. It’s been such an integral part of me, that firm, because it’s kept us afloat for some years. But in reality, we’re no longer dependent on it for a secure life. So as a conscious effort, here from and onwards I’ll separate those two worlds I live in, and thus free up my personal life from the worries of those issues as arrives from the company. My time, my choice.


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